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How to play?

Can be played by two to seven players six years old and over.
The object of the game is to put together complete families of cards.
Eachfamily (Learning, Equality, Playing, Speaking, Protection, Health) includes six cards, one in each of six categories (Rights, Prohibitions, World, Family, History, Knowledge).
Each player starts with six cards, and will also draw from the deck.
The first player asks any one of the other players for a card to complete his/her family by giving the name of the family and the category or the letter or the number). If the player has that card, he asks the question that is written on it. The first player has to answer correctly to get the card. If he/she gives the right answer, he can ask (any player) for another card.
Aslong as he succeeds in asking for a card that his chosen player has and then answering the question correctly, he continues to ask for cards. If he/she gives the wrong answer, or if the player he asks does not have the card he asked for, he takes a card from the deck and it is the next player’s turn.
Eachtime a player gets a complete family, he/she puts it on the table.
Theplayer with the most complete families wins.

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