Children have rights! Let's help them find out!
Ourproducts help learn about the International Convention for Children's Rights in a playful way. They skilfully complete the work communities and various organizations produce to assist children.

Right on!
Gamebased on the the theme of the International Convention for Children's Rights.     
Whatis more natural for a child than play? Consequently, it is though this game that we have chosen to approach the Convention for Chidren's Rights and educate young players about their spepcific rights.
Original creations, Right On! and Right On! Adolescents are based on very simple rules allowing all youth to play.

Right on! (from 6 years)

Thisinformation and communication tool is used by all communitites or organizations touched by children's rigths. This support help spread simple information while alerting children about the basic text on the International Convention for Chilren's Rights.


Special for Communities
These Right On! and the postcards may be personalized according to the amount of units ordered (see price list and order forms).
tools are offered along the various actions taken to recognize chidlren's rights. They offer to the communitites using Right On! the possibility to prolongue their actions beyond the scheduled activities.

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